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About Us

a group of Skilled Software consultants

Having worked with customers, executed many projects and done startups before, we move forward with entrepreneurial spirit.

Ninjaas stand for Speed and Execution:

We admire & appreciate Great minds, early stage startups and fast growing businesses. If you believe in great work, you are in the right place.

Quality comes first, everything else is secondary

We are a small group of passionate professionals

Dedicated to provide better products using better web technologies, best practices, Open Source Stack and a followup for good service. Build relationships that hold together long-term.

No compromise on Quality

Be it web design, web and mobile web development, web consulting, prototypes, consulting, if it has anything to do with web, it will be with done right with Ninjaas.com.

We wish to provide entrepreneurs, partners, customers a wide range of quality web products at affordable prices and a follow-on customer service with Quality product knowledge and training. Its a long lasting relationship.

We are a remote team and we love collaboration.

We provide services, customers Love to Pay for.

With features such as Free customer support, free updates, No Questions Asked Refunds & 24/7 support calls answered directly by our Developer professionals.

We aim to promote Ninjaas services and make your workplace more efficient and productive than ever before. We understand the passion that comes with being dedicated to a goal and we are committed to help you take your game to the next level !!

Startup Development Services

Our Co-Development Service and startup Lab offers rapid, agile development with entrepreneurial spirit for entrepreneurs and great minds.

If you have an IDEA, we bring it LIVE.

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web apps



Mobile Web

Cloud Service

E-Com Store

Portfolio and Services

We develop web, cloud and mobile Internet based applications:

We use latest trending engineering tools with a high-quality user experience.

We keep saying, "Year 2011, UI/UX was worth a M$, year 2012 it was worth B$, come 2013, its a prerequisite to survive." #Philosophy

We speak Speed, and you get Lightning Fast Websites.

We speak full web Stack. Responsive layouts. Single Page apps.

Making Lightning Fast **websites** using custom made solutions suited for all screen sizes.

Design and prototype service.

Are you an Early Stage Startup looking for that quick Prototype Iteration cycle?

Contact us and let us know what we can build for you!

Consulting and more...

Innovative technology solutions to integrate & engage your new and existing customers and to build deeper relationships in new powerful ways.

We bring a dynamic function of great design, rock-solid engineers, good design patterns and deep business experience.

Better sofware for your company = faster results and more happy customers.

"You can own the IP and the rights"

and because we build all solutions on Open Source technology stack, you can seamlessly transition to your in-house team whenever you are comfortable. And we do sign an NDA too.

Team Training: can train and make your team ninja ready!


We have worked with Big and small Customers & executed Projects.


Picpil the best photo management tool

We have developed and designed the entire website.


Ekademy is a learning platform.

We are currently working on this project.

eCommerce software Solution and services.

Start Selling & reach all your customers

Buy the complete E-commerce solution Software


Provides art studios for multimedia, web, graphic, print, video and audio recording theaters. Hyderabad,IN

1midea is our media Partner, they provide all media solutions and services.

Industries we Serve!

For Early Stage Startups we offer Design, Ideation & Development

Brainstorming with your random thoughts to get a solid MVP out soon.

Startup design and development service

Mobile apps to designing the API endpoints

Services and Development consulting for Entrepreneurs

Finish all your products.

Personal Branding sites for:

Great minds, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Artists, Photographers, designers, bands, Creative minds and teams.

Grow your reach and get closer to your niche, connect and network with like minds, build a cult fan base.

A great website and social presence connects you with incredibly talented people.

Buy the complete E-Commerce solution

Sell your products Online.

Completely Managed online stores.

Consult for better Software solutions and services

Make your company more productive than before, consult for better solutions.

For Professionals, Influencers and Entrepreneurs

Design services, Personal Branding pages, to connect and interact with your loyal fans.

Listen to Social-Media Buzz:

with specific Keyword monitoring and be updated in Real-time.

Get Social 2.0:

The Best Remote Marketing Tool ever.

DISRUPTIVE cloud Web Apps!

At the heart of our Infrastructure we are powered by Open Source Stack, cloud, web services and Best practices.

✔ Startup Space

If you have an IDEA - talk to our Team; we LOVE to hear your dream Idea and probably connect those dots :)

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prajwal@ninjaas.com / ray@ninjaas.com

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